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Description :



Unleaded, lithium- and cadmium free glass enamel for decorating hollow-glass and bottles. Borosilicate frit with metaloxide pigments.

All standard colours are completely intermixable.


Colours :



Colourshades available:

23000 - White

23250 - Citrus Yellow

23202 - Cd Yellow*

23300 - Iron Red

23301 - Cd Flaming Red*

23302 - Cd Orange*

23400 - Green

23401 - Turquoise



* = extended color range contain cadmium



23402 - Chrome Green

23500 - Blue

23505 - Baby Blue

23600 - Black

23700 - Autumn Brown

23730 - Rust Brown

23740 - Chocolate Brown

23900 - Etch (zandstraal effect)

23901 - Transparant




Substrate :






Printing Conditions :



Recommended mesh size when pasted up in I.R.drying medium is 77-120 T


All pastes will be supplied in the standard powder to medium ratio and can be diluted with the appropriate thinner which is indicated on the Technical Data Sheet of the relevant medium.



Firing conditions :



590-630ºC (1094-1136ºF), depending on lehr belt speed and soak time



Coefficient of thermal expansion :



varies between 80 and 90.10-7.K-1 (20 °C - 320 °C),depending on the shades



Resistance :



- Acid resistance

3.7 % HCl, 15 minutes at room temperature grade: 6 to 7.

Assessment according to ASTM C 724-91.

10 % HCl 20 minutes at room temperature grade: 6 to 7.

Assessment according to ASTM C735-93.

10 % Citric acid, 15 minutes at room temperature grade: 5 to 6.

Assessment according to ASTM C 724-91.


- Alkaline resistance

10 % NaOH 2 hours at 88°C grade: 1 to 2 cycles.

Assessment according ASTM C675-91.


- Dishwasher resistance

According to Johnson Matthey test KC-50.010-I

1.5 grams/litre Calgonite solution at 61°C

white > 100 cycles, colours: 50 cycles.



Presentation :



the colours from this range can be provided in:


- powder

- I.R. drying screenprinting medium (water- or oilbased)

- thermoplastic screenprinting medium (=TP-flakes

- waterbased spraying medium


Minimum order quantity per color: 25 kg



Surface appearance :






Storage :



It is recommended that the product is stored in dry surroundings at room temperature (20ºC, 68ºF) and is not exposed to large temperature shocks



Stability :



- powder : 5 years after production date

- paste : 12 months after production date

(if stored correctly)


NOTE: Since this is not a standard stock product, the minimum order is 25 kg per color.



Health & Safety :



Good industrial hygiene and work practices should be adhered to when handling these products. For detailed health and safety requirements, please consult the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet.



Other information :


Download brochure in PDF format




Please note that when viewed on different monitors, colors will show slight to dramatic color differences unless the given monitor has been calibrated.

The information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge. This description does not release the users from examinations and tests of their own because of uncountable possible influences, when using and applying the products in connection with every other material being involved in the production. It can not be deduced a legally obliged assurance for specific characteristics or for the aptitude of a definite usage purpose. The receiver of our products has to observe by his own responsibility probable protecting rights as well as existing laws, rules and regulations. No liability for any errors, facts or opinions is accepted. You should satisfy yourself before applying any of the information contained herein to your particular circumstances. No responsibility for any loss as a result of any person placing reliance on any material contained herein can be accepted by Technical Color Service.


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Reviewed on: 10-12-2019

Technical Data Sheet: 23000 - serie

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23000-serie, an unleaded, lithium- and cadmium free glass enamel for decorating hollow-glass and bottles.

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