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Description :



RM.545 is an organic thinner for use in several glass enamels.



Drying :






Application :



Thinner for us with medium 292-63



Typical properties :



Appearance: Clear colourless to slightly yellowish liquid

Odour: characteristic

Non volatiles: ± 0 %

Flashpoint: ± 63 °C (Closed cup)

Density: ± 0.974 g/ml

Solubility: Slightly soluble in water



Storage :



Thinner should be stored and handled in its original packages and kept in a clean dry place preferably kept tightly closed at 15- 25 °C. When storing more than one batch, use the oldest material first.



Stability :



These products should be used within 6 months of receipt for optimum product results.



Safety :



Good industrial hygiene and work practices should be adhered to when handling these products. For detailed health and safety requirements, please consult the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet.



Other information :






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Reviewed on: 10-11-1997


Technical Data Sheet: RM.545